Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival


Zyderythmics at Princes Street Gardens, 30 July 06


The Grassmarket

Click HERE for a rated You TubeTM video of us playing in the Grassmarket (Courtesy John Mcintyre)

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 Cool cool COOL! Love this vid! Love it! Need to get more up on here... "Spinxaire"


What they Said:
i'm one of the festival volunteers...
your music is fabulous i could listen to it
all the time..We have a saying here, "nail your foot
to the floor to stop it tapping" that would be
impossible with your music, foot would still tap..Hope
to see you all again sometime, with any luck it will
be back in Edinburgh..take care....luv..Jan Hill.


We had a brilliant time, loved the show and wished it had gone on for longer! 

To be honest, I didn't really know what to expect,

so was thrilled to be treated to such an uplifting, vibrant and compelling musical feast! .. Helen Whitham


got your cd this morning, thanks very much for sending it...

its very good mate, my faves being "all i see is pain" and your version of "ain't no sunshine"...


my 8 year old girl likes the cd also, she remembers a couple

of the tracks you played that day in Edinburgh..-John McIntyre